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We pieced this image together for a flashy graphic, but it turns out tornados might not get this close to a golden-winged warbler.


Evacuation Migration

What happens when a massive tornado outbreak sets its sights on a population of tiny songbirds? It turns out they can get out of the way long before the storm gets to them, and it might be because they hear the danger coming. Check out our paper in Current Biology where we describe Evacuation Migration in breeding golden-winged warblers.


Update - Late 2015

The peer-review process has spoken and the arguments of "Birds can't fly that far", "It was too windy", and "It was just shading error" have been refuted and rejected. Hopefully the authors of the Correspondences are satisfied with the decisions of the expert Reviewers and Editors of Current Biology and we can all get back to the business of research.

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