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Henry M. Streby 
(he, him)
Associate Professor of Ecology
Department of Environmental Sciences
University of Toledo
Ph.D. University of Minnesota, 2010
M.S. Ohio University, 2005
B.S. Ohio University, 2001
Email: henrystreby(AT)

Graduate Students

Annie at Powdermill.jpg
Andrea (Annie) M. Lindsay
(she, her)
Ph.D. Candidate
University Fellow

B.S. Grove City College
M.S. Ohio State University
Email: Andrea.Marie.Lindsay(AT)

About me...

I earned an M.S. in Environment and Natural Resources from the Ohio State University in 2008 under the advisorship of Dr. Paul Rodewald. For my thesis research, I examined whether winter habitat quality, as determined by stable-carbon isotope analysis, has an effect on reproductive success...

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Silas E. Fischer 
(they, them)
Ph.D. Candidate
University Fellow - Fall 2019

B.S. Ball State University
B.F.A. Printmaking, Ball State University
Email: silasfisc(AT)

Visit Silas' Website

Lab Alumni

Gunnar R. Kramer
(he, him)
Ph.D. 2021

B.S. University of Wyoming
M.S. University of Minnesota
Email: gunnarrkramer(AT)

Visit Gunnar's Website

Current Position

NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Harvard University

R. Kyle Pagel
(he, him)
M.S. 2019

B.S. University of Minnesota

Email: R.Kyle.Pagel(AT)

Current Position

Environmental Specialist

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Sean M. Peterson
(he, him)
M.S. 2014

B.A. Macalester College
Email: speterson435(AT)

Subsequent Position

PhD Student

University of California, Berkeley

Current Position

Postdoctoral Researcher

Syracuse University

Interested in joining the Streby Lab?

The Streby Lab does not currently have any graduate student positions open for funded projects. Exceptionally qualified applicants are still encouraged to inquire about making something work. Please contact Dr. Streby and/or his graduate students for information about the lab. The Streby Lab has benefited greatly from diversity of thought stemming from diversity of life experience, and we welcome applications from qualified and creative individuals representing any age, race, ethnicity, sex, and gender.

Academic Ancestry

The Streby Lab academic ancestry traces direct lines to the respective “fathers” of American ecology and wildlife management, so let's not blow it now!

Master’s Ancestry:

Henry Streby <- Donald Miles <- Robert Ricklefs <- Robert MacArthur <- G. Evelyn Hutchinson

Doctoral Ancestry:

Henry Streby <- David Andersen <- Orrin Rongstad <- Robert McCabe <- Aldo Leopold

Principles of the Streby Lab

  • Be professional, ethical, and reliable

  • Remain curious and appropriately skeptical

  • Take pride and find joy in your work

  • Seek those who share these principles and collaborate loyally

    • The inverse of this final point is equally important​

Some Thoughts

The goal of science is to seek truth, not to prove theory, despite publication bias toward the latter

Potential in scientific research knows no race, age, sex, gender, or place of origin

Anyone who forces you to choose between being liked or being respected isn't worth your effort toward either

“I don’t know” are underused words

Memorization and regurgitation of facts is no substitute for original thought

Always question anything described as a “consensus opinion”

The best response to an unprofessional communication is usually no response at all

Trying to rationalize with an irrational person is a good way to go insane

Replacing "busy" with "self-important" explains what colleagues mean by "I'd help but I'm so busy"

Your family and health (physical and mental) will always be more important than your job

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