May 2021 - Gunnar Kramer is awarded an NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship to work with Scott Edwards at Harvard. Now that's some high quality post-fledging habitat!

May 2021 - Our collaborative paper with the Refsnider Lab on algal bloom effects on birds, turtles, and snakes is accepted for publication in Science of the Total Environment. J. Refsnider, lead author.

May 2021 - Silas Fischer is on the cover of the Wildlife Professional, author of an article inside, and interviewed in another article inside, recognizing their leadership in advancing diversity and inclusion in the sciences!

April 2021 - Silas Fischer ALSO receives the Louis Agassiz Fuertez grant; the Wilson Ornithological Society's most prestigious award.

April 2021 - Silas Fischer receives a Research Grant from the American Ornithological Society to support work on droughts and desert birds.

April 2021 - Dr. Streby is awarded tenure and promoted to associate professor. Does that mean he'll speak out about the events of the past 2 years? Should you be nervous?

April 2021 - Dr. Streby is recognized by the University of Toledo for "exceptional success in scholarly activity."

February 2021 - Gunnar Kramer is the Graduate Student of the Year for the North Central Section of The Wildlife Society.

February 2021 - Silas Fischer gives a compelling invited presentation on using Artscience to explore otherness in humans and birds at the annual conference of the College Art Association (only grad student in a session of professors).

October 2020 - Silas Fischer is featured in Audubon Magazine with an article about their extraordinary work fusing science, art, and gender.

May 2020 - Our collaborative paper on genomic identification of intergeneric hybrids is accepted by Biological Journal of the Linnean Society - D. Toews, lead author.

Principle Investigator

Dr. Henry M. Streby is an organismal ecologist with broad research and teaching interests in wildlife ecology, evolutionary biology, and quantitative science.

Current position:

Associate Professor of Ecology

University of Toledo

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