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October 2022 - Annie coauthored a book, The Birds of the Ligonier Valley, with long-time mentor, Robert Leberman (1937-2020). Available at the Powdermill Nature Reserve.

October 2022 - Silas authored a chapter about art-science communication in a fascinating new book called Artworks for Jellyfish and Other Others.

July 2022 - Silas and Henry give talks at our first Wilson Ornithological Society meeting, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Easily the most welcoming, collegial, diverse, and thoughtfully organized professional meeting we've attended.

June 2022 - Annie presents her work on isotopes in bird fat at the AOS & BC conference in Puerto Rico.

April 2022 - Silas receives an Out To Innovate Career Development Fellowship!


February 2022 - Our paper on brood splitting behavior in Golden-winged Warblers is accepted for publication in the Journal of Avian Biology (S. Peterson, lead author)

January 2022 - Silas Fischer is awarded a grant from T&E Inc to support next steps in the Gray Vireo study.

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Principle Investigator

Dr. Henry M. Streby is an organismal ecologist with broad research and teaching interests in wildlife ecology, evolutionary biology, and quantitative science.

Current position:

Associate Professor of Ecology

University of Toledo

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