November 2021 - Gunnar Kramer successfully defends his dissertation. On to the next adventure!

November 2021 - Our paper on post-fledging ecology in Gray Vireos is accepted for publication in Avian Ecology and Conservation. S. Fischer lead author (their first lead author paper!)

August 2021 - Annie and Gunnar are both voted in as Elective Members, and Dr. Streby is elected as a Fellow, of the American Ornithological Society

June 2021 - Our PNAS paper on Vermivora migratory connectivity (Kramer et al. 2018) won The Wildlife Society's 2021 Wildlife Publication Award, with all papers from the past 3 years in any journal eligible.

May 2021 - Annie Lindsay is awarded a grant from the Pennsylvania Ornithological Society for her research on subcutaneous fat in migratory birds.

May 2021 - The UToledo President, Provost, and Vice President of Research recognize Dr. Streby with the 2021 President's Award for Excellence in Scholarly Activity, an action which will someday be described disturbingly ironic.

May 2021 - Gunnar Kramer is awarded an NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship to work with Scott Edwards at Harvard. Now that's some high quality post-fledging habitat!

May 2021 - Our collaborative paper with the Refsnider Lab on algal bloom effects on birds, turtles, and snakes is accepted for publication in Science of the Total Environment. J. Refsnider, lead author.

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Principle Investigator

Dr. Henry M. Streby is an organismal ecologist with broad research and teaching interests in wildlife ecology, evolutionary biology, and quantitative science.

Current position:

Associate Professor of Ecology

University of Toledo

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