February 2022 - Our paper on brood splitting behavior in Golden-winged Warblers is accepted for publication in the Journal of Avian Biology (S. Peterson, lead author)

January 2022 - Silas Fischer is awarded a grant from T&E Inc to support next steps in the Gray Vireo study.

November 2021 - Gunnar Kramer successfully defends his dissertation. On to the next adventure!

November 2021 - Our paper on post-fledging ecology in Gray Vireos is accepted for publication in Avian Ecology and Conservation. S. Fischer lead author (their first lead author paper!)

August 2021 - Annie and Gunnar are both voted in as Elective Members, and Dr. Streby is elected as a Fellow, of the American Ornithological Society

June 2021 - Our PNAS paper on Vermivora migratory connectivity (Kramer et al. 2018) won The Wildlife Society's 2021 Wildlife Publication Award, with all papers from the past 3 years in any journal eligible.

May 2021 - Annie Lindsay is awarded a grant from the Pennsylvania Ornithological Society for her research on subcutaneous fat in migratory birds.

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Principle Investigator

Dr. Henry M. Streby is an organismal ecologist with broad research and teaching interests in wildlife ecology, evolutionary biology, and quantitative science.

Current position:

Associate Professor of Ecology

University of Toledo

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