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Heading North

It's time for the crews to leave eastern Tennessee and head out on their own. In the next 7-10 days Gunnar, Cassie, and Kate will continue their adventure at sites in West Virginia and Virginia; Sean, Elijah, and Kyle will go mark more Blue-winged Warblers in western Tennessee before heading to two sites in Illinois; Pam, Patti, and Kristie will head north into Kentucky and then Ohio (photo of Gunnar and Cassie loading their truck, by Elijah Davis).

Our Tennessee collaborators, David Buehler (project co-PI) and Justin Lehman (graduate student) of the University of Tennessee (pictured here in 2014 with Henry, Sean, and Gunnar), will finish up the eastern Tennessee geolocator deployment after we leave. Justin is studying full-season productivity and habitat selection by Golden-winged Warblers at the Tennessee sites. So, rather than mark females with geolocators, we marked them with radio transmitters, and Justin will track them to their nests, switch out the transmitter for a geolocator, and everyone wins. Now that's what I call collaboration.

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