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The Virginias

Work in West Virginia (VW site pictured here, photo by Gunnar Kramer) and Virginia couldn't have gone more smoothly thanks to the efforts of amazing collaborators.

Kyle Aldinger (PhD 2015, West Virginia University, pictured above, top left) guided the crew around and helped them capture every Vermivora they encountered in the study areas he has gotten to know very well over the past few years.

The crews are getting to see some truly beautiful views along the way this year. Pictured here is Middle Falls in West Virginia.

Kyle Aldinger is a full-service collabotor! He's pictured here holding a barbed-wire fence while Cassie crawls under.

Gunnar, Cassie, and Kate zipped across the border to join more collaborators for work in Virginia, which if you didn't know, is for lovers.

Lesley Bulluck (Virginia Commonwealth University, above far right) and her recently finished graduate students, Nik Moy and Jenna Dobson, made life just as easy in Virginia. Gunnar, Kate, and Cassie (above, first three, left to right) left a bunch of geolocators for Jenna and Nik (fourth and fifth, left to right) to deploy over the coming days.

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