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Patty, Kristie, and Pam (pictured above, left to right) show their "Unbridled Spirit" on their way into Kentucky.

It's a good thing we work in groups of three. The "soils" of our eastern Kentucky site just wouldn't take net-pole stakes and we move around too much to be tying ropes all over the place. The ladies found plenty of success using themselves as pole holders.

This Blue-winged Warbler wear's his geolocator perfectly. We can't wait to know where he goes!

Some birds adjust to a new marking device more quickly than others. This Blue-winged Warbler had no problem barrel-rolling straight up and away when Patty released him.

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park offered some spectacular views near the study site in Kentucky.

Pam, Patty, and Kristie celebrated their successful work in Kentucky by refueling at Dairy Queen!

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