24 Jun 2016

It doesn't feel entirely right for the Andersen and Streby Labs to be heading out of the field in June with all that amazing postfledging ecology going on without us. But, our job is done in the field for this year. All the vehicles are lined up on the way out of...

22 Jun 2016

 It's good to be good. It's good to be lucky. But it's great to be both. After a thorough geolocator retrieval effort from our collaborators, Justin and Kate made one last pass to get a bunch of tissue samples. While capturing a male, a female, and a fledgling, t...

18 Jun 2016

Most songbird research focuses on singing males, suggesting that songbird population demography is "a man's world." However, as James Brown so eloquently stated, "... but it wouldn't be nothin', nothin' without a woman or a girl." Just as it doesn't matter how ma...

18 Jun 2016

Minnesota is the North American home to nearly half of the global population of breeding male Golden-winged Warblers. Once you consider the 99% pairing success and high productivity, Minnesota is likely home to well over half of the global population when you inc...

14 Jun 2016

Choose randomly from this photo and you will have made a good choice (well, I can't vouch for the warbler). Kate, Cassie, and Allie continue to do an awesome job on the eastern route. They sampled this gorgeous Lawrence's Warbler in Ontario today. Unfortunately,...

8 Jun 2016

The eastern crew caught these two Brewster's Warblers on neighboring territories in Ontario today. Both are handsome birds but one is extra cool with his striking spectacles hooking around the ear. Also cool is the fact that one of these birds sings a Blue-wing s...

2 Jun 2016

That trip from Michigan to Minnesota will take a few more minutes than planned. The central crew stopped for another flat tire in the UP. Last flat of the year? Probably not.


2 Jun 2016

Okay, so most of the Vermivora distribution is the hybrid zone, but this is the zone in Michigan that has moved north since the 1980's when Tom Will conducted his dissertation research on the Vermivora complex. Gunnar, Jen, and Jacob captured a previously elusive...

31 May 2016

The western crew came across this female Blanding's Turtle at our Wisconsin site. They handed her over to Nathan Byer of UW Madison who will give her a transmitter and add her to his ongoing study. The central crew came across a Blanding's crossing the road in Mi...

30 May 2016

After a multi-day showdown, Gunnar finally convinced this golden-wing to fly into a net and let us have his geolocator back. Now the bird can get back to his life and Gunnar can move on to the next challenge. Gunnar, Jen, and Jacob will soon be headed to Minnesot...

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